Committed To Caring LLC offers CBRF training in regulation with DHS. We offer on-site and virtual training specific to your community. Our instructor has over 7 years of hands-on experience and is driven to educating students on necessary steps to assisting residents. Contact us today for specials!



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Medication Administration

This training course covers a wide range of topics, all designed to provide the information and skills necessary to properly administer medications to those in your care. Examples include: Resident Rights, Facility Policies and Procedures, Delegated Procedures, Medication Management, Medical Terms and Abbreviations, Medication Packaging, Labeling, Storage, Types of Medications, and Medication Administration.

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We also offer Continuing Educational Courses as needed - pricing varies.

First Aid

After taking the CBRF First Aid course, you will know your role as an assisted living employee in an emergency. You will be able to provide basic first aid in emergencies until help arrives, understand how to and be able to alleviate choking, identify different types of emergencies, and the correct way to respond. Lastly, you will learn basic prevention methods to avoid emergency situations.

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Fire Safety

This training course covers a wide range of topics, all designed to provide the information and skills necessary to protect your residents and yourself in the event of a fire. Learning points include: understanding the nature of fire, recognizing fire hazards, learning about early warning systems, knowing how to use a fire extinguisher, focusing on the evacuation needs of residents, following the CBRF emergency and disaster plan, and responding well in an emergency.

Standard Precautions

After taking the CBRF Standard Precautions course, you will understand how infectious agents are spread from person to person, the chain of infection and how using standard precautions prevents the transmission of infectious agents.

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Cost covers $20.00 registry fee. Prepayment is required and is non-refundable. Please provide 24-hour notice in the event you need to reschedule training.
The student is allowed to reschedule training ONCE AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.

**FACILITIES: If a scheduled employee/new hire does not show for class, we will allow a facility credit of the cost of the class per person. The credit will be good until the end of the current year and can be used for any other employee and any other class(s) we offer.